Being a photographer is not just taking pictures.

It's about creating experiences and capturing moments.

Do you hate being in front of the camera or feel that you never like any pictures of yourself?

Have you seen a lack of creativity and personality in your photos?

I hear you, and I want to change the way you view yourself and photoshoots in general.

It is my mission to make sure you feel 100% comfortable and beautiful during our session together and that we capture what is unique about you.

You walking away from this experience feeling confident and empowered is my passion.

It brings me so much joy when my clients say things like...

Leah Roth Photography

"Leah was so fun to work with, and made me feel comfortable for the entire shoot. Her artistic eye and incredible editing skills provided me with images that exceeded my expectations." - Sarah Wildman


"Leah took the time to get to know me and really understand my vision. Working with her felt so easy and the finished photos are amazing!" - Megan Guite


"You are a woman I look up to in every way. Thank you for pushing me outside of my comfort zone. Thank you for helping me grow." - Abbie Bamford

About Leah Roth

I'm a Kansas native that has been living and working in Atlanta for most of my adult life.

Photography has been a passion of mine since my father introduced me to a camera when I was a child. We had a darkroom in our basement where he would spend hours developing photos.

In college, my degree focus was in Photography. I've been shooting professionally since 2007 having worked with hundreds of clients.

I love capturing portraits with my most favorite being dance, beauty, and fashion.

It's my goal to give everyone I work with an amazing photography experience. One they will remember forever and empower them to be their best self.

Want more? Read my journey blog post here.


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