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Let's get a picture of you.

Leah Roth has worked with hundreds of individuals for headshots across a broad spectrum of industries since starting her professional journey in 2008 when graduating with a degree in Photography.

Her headshot experience includes:

  • LinkedIn headshots
  • Professional headshots for work
  • Creatives, music, acting, artists

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"While looking for Atlanta headshot photographers, I found Leah.
I needed a headshot for work, and I do not like having my picture taken. Leah and her team made it so much fun and the picture is amazing. I was so pleased with my experience using Leah Roth as my photographer"
- Jennifer Challenger

"I contacted Leah in my search for Atlanta headshot photographers as we needed some headshots for our company. She was great with everyone, very easy going and always very helpful and she's a great listener. She definitely listens to what you want and delivers."
- Maria, Southern States

Corporate & Professional Headshot Photography

A personal note from Leah.

"Thank you for taking the time to consider me among all the headshot photographers you've looked at. It would be my pleasure to work with you."

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