Acting Head Shot Session with Steven Taylor

I had a great time hanging out and getting to know Steven Taylor during his session. He is a theater major at Kennesaw State University and he contacted me looking for Atlanta headshot photographers for actors related to his upcoming auditions.  I met him up at his apartment complex and we walked across the street to an open field that he thought would make a great background. He was right, but at the time of day it was it was just being blasted with light and there was so trace of any shade anywhere. So I suggested we walk back to his apartment complex and wander around it to see if we could find some cool spots.

We walked and talked about his acting career and the theater department at KSU, etc. We then came across this wall with beautiful green vines growing off of it and it was in the shade! PERFECT! Steven wanted to wear his black shirt and I thought to myself with his bright green eyes this will be the perfect contrast for his new shots. I showed him what I was seeing after a couple of test shots and he loved it to! We wandered around his complex again in search of other interesting things. We found a nice wooden background for his shot with his maroon shirt on and then we placed him in front of the complex by their flower beds for the last shot in his blue shirt. I made sure to throw everything as out of focus as I could due to not wanting it to seem cheesy having him in front of a bed of flowers.

This session was so much fun for me for many reasons. It pushed me to think on my toes once we both realized that his location wasn’t going to work (by no faults of his at all), it allowed me to hit my old stomping grounds of Kennesaw State University living, and it made me appreciate the dedication that these student/actors go through to make their dreams come true. It was so much fun hanging with him for those couple hours and I hope to work with him again or get up and photograph some of his classmates.

Thank you Steven for such a fun afternoon. Good luck with everything!


Leah : )

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