Alyson-Corporate Head Shot Session

“I need new corporate head shots, but please be aware that I HATE, HATE, HATE PHOTOS OF MYSELF!”

I love getting phone calls and emails like this because I take great pride in making sure that all of my clients are comfortable in front of my camera and happy with their photos. Alyson was no exception. She contacted me interested in getting some corporate headshots done, but warned me that she doesn’t do well in front of the camera and hate photos of herself. Challenge accepted!

I walked her through the type of outfits to bring and what would photograph best for a fun corporate look. We brought her on set to get into hair and makeup and once Beth turned that chair around, you could immediately see her eyes come to life. She looked BEAUTIFUL!

We started in studio just getting Alyson used to the camera and making hair and makeup adjustments. Once I showed her what we were getting and how natural and beautiful she looked, she started to own it.  The confidence that came over her was so incredible and the more we shot the more relaxed she became.

I then offered to take some natural light shots just to have a variety. I placed her inside the door way and opened the front door to let the light softly hit her face.  They looked awesome!

I love working with clients that don’t like their photo taken, because by the end of the session they realize that it doesn’t have to be a painful experience. Alyson was amazing to work with and I hope she contacts me again when she’s in need of updated head shots : )

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