Author-Tamika Gibson Location Head Shot Session

Author-Tamika Gibson Location Head Shot Session | Leah Roth Photography

You know you’ve hit the jackpot with a client when it’s the coldest morning in January and they still are game for shooting outside : )

That was definitely the case with young adult author Tamika Gibson. She found me through an Atlanta headshot photographers search and I got an email from her right after the new year saying that her and her husband were going to be in Atlanta from the Virgin Islands and she would like to book a session with me. Uh….YES PLEASE!!!!! She explained to me that she is a young adult author and she needs some update shots for her book sleeves, press conferences, etc.

She told me which hotel they would be staying in and we decided doing an outside shoot would be the best. Luckily for me, she was staying about 10 min away from my house. I wasn’t too familiar with the hotel area, so Bret and I decided to get there a bit early and scope the place out. Side note…it was super cold out!

After we scoped out some stuff we met Tamika in the lobby and went over the look and feel that she was wanting for these shots. She was open to suggestions and I walked her through the locations that we had already scouted out. I wanted to get something with some textures behind her along with some greenery, all while trying not to have her outside for too long and freeze her out!

She had two shirt changes and they were both the perfect softness and color on her. She did her own hair and makeup and she did an amazing job! It was so much fun getting to know her and working with her on set. She was about 6 feet tall and stunning! I’m glad I brought my step stool! Bret helped me a lot with directing the light and popping some softness into the face with a reflector.

She also told me that she just started writing professionally in 2015 and already won one award:

Her husband just accepted a job here in Atlanta so they will be moving here this spring. I am so excited to follow her career and hopefully work with her again. It’s so nice to meet and work with such driven, strong, and talented women. I am constantly inspired by my clients and I wish Tamika the best of luck in everything!

Let’s be great to ourselves and one another!



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