Comp card session with Miss Melissa

Meeting Melissa was definitely something I will never forget.  She called me wanting to know about my comp card/modelling packages. She is in the Army, but has always wanted to get into the industry and she figured ‘Why not now?’ We talked to a long time and she told me the type of photos she was looking for and we picked a date for her to drive down from South Carolina.

She came to the studio and I knew right away she would be a blast to work with. Personality as big as the sky and a smile that could light up a room. She told us about her Army training and her little girl and what she plans to do when she gets out of the Army. To say I was completely in awe of her and inspired would be an understatement. What a remarkable woman. I felt so lucky to share this moment with her.

We started with some studio shots to get her comfortable in front of the camera and then we ventured out to do some location work. She came more than prepared with all different types of outfits that looked amazing on her! We got so many different looks during her session that we were able to build a nice comp card.

I then reached out to my agency contacts and showed them Melissa’s images from our shoot and they loved her! I got them in contact with her and I can’t wait to hear what comes from it.

Thank you Melissa for serving our country and for being such an inspiration to everyone you come in contact with. It was 100% my pleasure to photograph you and capture your beauty.

Hair-Najea Lewis

Makeup-Beth Corbley

Location-Studio/East Atlanta Village Atlanta, GA

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