Dirty Ego-The Seven Deadly Sins Artist’s Spotlight

I wanted to take the time to say thank you and introduce you to the women of Dirty Ego-The Seven Deadly Sins. This show wouldn’t be what it is without these beautiful. talented, and kind women. I am extremely fortunate that I got to meet them and work with them during this series.

Representing Wrath is the talented painter Cris Laniese. She is an extremely talent painted from Florida but is about to embark in the journey or moving to Atlanta and I am so thrilled for her. I am so excited to work with her again and keep collaborating on more art together.

Representing Gluttony is the talented photographer Iris Ray. Hailing from the Creative Circus here in Atlanta, Iris uses her studio education and use of light and color to make strong, vibrant images that POP! It is so nice working with another photographer to bounce ideas off of and Iris is the girl that will push you to be better in your own work. I am so thrilled that she is a part of this show! I can’t wait to collaborate again with her.

Representing Pride is the beautiful Kimberly Binns. She is skilled in photography, videography, motion graphics and video editing. She is a force to be reckoned with. She was such a joy to work with and her presence on set and the way she commands a room is so natural, you find yourself wanting to be around her. She is someone I will definitely be reaching out to again to work with.

Representing Lust is the insanely talented Miranda Duncan. This woman is so full of life and love it’s contagious! She oozes positive vibes and she makes you want to become a better person. With her concentration in welding it’s pretty ridiculous what this girl can build and scuplt and create. I have crazy respect for her and her craft. You will want to follow this lady and her art because she is going to blow up! I am so happy to have her in my artistic circle and we will be working with each other again soon!

Representing Sloth is painter/drawer PJ Svejda. PJ was the first sin that we shot and she pretty much set the bar for the other photos and artists. PJ is the raw talent that you are born with. She is extremely talented and her work makes you feel things when you look at it. She is the easiest person to work with and her attitude on set with infectious. I can’t thank her enough for taking time out of her crazy schedule to work with me and my team.

Representing Greed is the one and only Sabre Esler. Her concentration is in sculpting and her work is crazy good! I have no idea how she executes her ideas and make them what they are, but I know that they make me feel things and I love each piece. When meeting Sabre, I knew right away I would like her. Her laid back attitude and knowledge of the arts floored me. She loves all mediums of art and has appreciation for ideas and collaborations. She was so pro on set and she brought so many great ideas to the table. I loved every minute of working with her. I can’t wait to do it again!

Last but certainly not least…representing Envy is Tiffany Charesse. With drawing being her number one passion, Tiffany also has a background in Graphic Design. Her attention to detail is crazy and her work is so crisp and clean. She makes me want to become a better artist! She was so much fun to work with on set and we definitely put her in some crazy situations during her shoot. I am so thrilled to have such a talent like Tiffany in this series.

Please make sure to check out their sites and work. I am so excited for tomorrow’s show and I can’t wait for you all to see what these ladies have in store for you.

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