Floral Designer Nicole-Corporate Head Shots

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Every once in a while I get a call from a client seeking a headshot photographer in Atlanta with a bit of stress and concern in their voice, in dire need of a headshot. This was my case when Nicole called me. She is a floral designer and was in a rush for an updated head shot for an upcoming event and program. Fortunately for her, I had a spot open the exact morning she could do it so we got her into studio and got to work!

Nicole came camera ready…well almost : ) She pulled up full face of makeup and hair in curlers! It was perfect! She showed me her outfits and we chose what we thought would be represent her for this specific event. She took her hair down and fixed it up, touched up the makeup and we were ready to roll. She’s incredible in front of the camera and knew exactly what to do.

After we snapped all the photos and we both were happy, we sat down and pulled them up on the big screen. Nicole informed me that she wanted to pick her favorites before she left so I could start the editing process right away due to the time crunch. She picked her very favorite and I must say it’s a great one! I got right to editing so she could send it to her PR firm and we nailed the deadline.

I love it when my clients are honest with me and in doing so we get to meet deadlines and work together to achieve the perfect shot for their needs. Every client is different. Every business and event is different and might require certain things in regards to head shots. I was so lucky to work with Nicole and capture her in a way that she was satisfied with and proud of for her big event.

Be good to one another and have a great day!


Leah : )

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