Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need Hair and Makeup?

Being in front of the camera is different than being in front of the mirror. Bright light can drain the color from your face, powder helps keep down reflections on your skin.

My hair and makeup artist are extremely professional and will work to make sure you look your best.

If you want to have some fun with it, they are always open to creative ideas.

What is a “Look”?

A look is generally one specific outfit.

As an example, one headshot session may include 2 different looks. A corporate look in business wear, and a casual look in evening wear.

For models, this can also include changes to hair and makeup.

What does “Studio and Location” mean?

Studio typically means “in photography studio”, but also refers to a type of background for the image. You’ll often see solid White, Grey, Blue backgrounds in the corporate world.

Location is just the opposite. It can mean a park, at your office, in a cool warehouse, or just anywhere else.

Note: I can bring a Seamless and get that ‘studio’ look in any location.

What is a Seamless?

This refers to a very wide, very long roll of paper or fabric that is held up by stands. We raise them up high and this gives us a nice ‘studio’ style background without having to be at in studio.

What is Retouching and why would I need it?

Retouching is when someone takes the image file, and makes edits the improve it.

Often that will include things like Color Color Correction, Facial Lines, Shadows, Eyes, Teeth, Smoothing Skin, Makeup & Hair.

Most photographers will not release their unedited files and recommend a retoucher if they can not do it themselves. If you ever do want the unedited high resolution files, there is often a Buy Out for the image or for the entire session.

What is a Buy Out?

There can be different levels and time periods for buy outs, but typically it is when the customer would like access to the unedited files from a shoot.

In most circumstances, this allows ‘use rights’ to the customer that would not be available by default.

Every photography business has different pricing and expectations for these.

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