Greg – Corporate Head Shot Session – Marietta Square

One thing I love so much about head shots is that you get to meet all sorts of people from all types of careers and of all ages.

When Greg called me, he informed me that he was in the market for a new corporate headshot due to a career change, followed by ‘AND I HATE PHOTOS OF MYSELF AND HAVING MY PICTURE TAKEN!” Challenge accepted!

Greg wanted to do something close to home so we both agreed getting outside and breathing in some fresh air would be best. I have always LOVED Marietta Square. I love going there to walk around and eat and I love photographing there. So many textures and colors and fun little alleyways.

Greg and I walked around for an hour or so just talking about life and jobs and how crazy our world is and before you know it, he was totally comfortable in front of the camera. Forgetting that he was even having his photo taken!

I chose this photo of him because I love the jacket and tie and the genuine smile on his face. I love that he chose a nice, dark brick building for the backdrop. It was a really fun shoot and I hope to work with Greg again.

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