HEAT Chef Apparel shoot

The shoot for HEAT Chef Apparel was by far one of my most inspiring shoots. Meeting and working with founders LaTisha and Dorien was incredible! They are both professionally trained chefs and the master minds behind these stylish chef coats with the technology used in IceSkin™.

This creates a high performance fabric that is moisture activated. As water vapors are dispersed into the atmosphere, a combination of fast drying microfiber filaments and 100% natural minerals accelerates the cooling vaporization process resulting in the fabric retaining a lower ambient temperature. During perspiration generating activities, the combined technologies enhance the body’s natural, temperature regulating “air conditioning” system and keeps the wearer extremely comfortable in heated conditions. Which for a chef is clutch!

We met for the shoot at my best friend Laura’s house and immediately I knew it was going to be a great shoot! They were so prepared and had a clear direction in what they wanted to capture. One of our models bailed on us so my boyfriend Bret stepped in and modeled some of the men’s jackets! He looks pretty handsome in my opinion : )

We set up a white seamless and strobe in one room for the product shots and then we used the kitchen and table for the ‘lifestyle’ shots. We got the models in hair and makeup and got to work. The jackets are so stylish it looks like you could go out on the town in them! I was so impressed by their business model and design, and these guys are only in their mid 20s! They are going to blow up! I was so inspired by them and I can’t wait to work with them again! I had a blast on set and huge thanks to my crew and team!

Hair and makeup: Beth Corbley

Models: Bret Phillips, Lauren Taylor, Dorien Murphy, and Alessandra Alvarez

HUGE thanks to Laura and Oz Henriquez for letting us takeover their home to get these beautiful shots

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