Jayce Ford-Kid modeling session

I honestly was pretty nervous for this session with Jayce. I love working with kids, but it’s pretty hard to predict what mood or attitude they will bring on set. Working with kids has always been a challenge for me, but I love it! I think there’s an honesty that comes with working with kids. They test your patience, skills, and how quick you can think on your feet.

When I got the call from Jayce’s mom that she wanted to set up a a session for him because he was interested in acting and modeling, I knew I couldn’t pass this one up. We emailed back and forth about what to expect from the session, what type of clothes to bring, and how we can build him a nice starter comp card to take into agencies to get him signed.  The initial goal of this shoot for Jayce and his family was to get him signed.

It was a beautiful day in the park and Jayce was about as pro as they come for a 7 year old! He was so much fun to work with and he took direction beautifully. I had the best time getting to know his mother and him and learning all about the stuff he’s interested in.

After the shoot we narrowed it down to our favorite images and what we thought would be best to approach an agency with. I got Jayce a meeting with a couple agencies in town, but what they really wanted was to sign with JPervis Talent. I emailed my contact there and got them a meeting set up and just yesterday I got an email from Jayce’s mom saying that they signed him!

I am so thrilled that everything worked out for this family. They were so lovely to be around and work with. I can’t wait to see what the future holds for Jayce.

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