Juliett Rowe-One bad ass chick reppin Atlanta music

I first met Juliett Rowe thru my fiance, Bret Phillips. I was immediately drawn to her passion for life and the Atlanta music scene. She is such an advocate for local bands, artists, local venues, and booking shows. She is also the master mind behind Atlanta Record Label Fest, which is a pop up market celebrating Georgia’s independent record labels. Juliett puts her whole heart and soul into this festival and it’s incredible.

I was so honored that she contacted me for some updated headshots. Of course I jumped at the chance to work and hang out with her. We walked around East Atlanta Village and tried to get great shots before the brutal summer heat of GA kicked in. She was amazing on set and for a girl who doesn’t like having her picture taken…she ROCKED IT!

You can check out Atlanta Record Label Fest this weekend (8/20 8/21) and support all the local artists and labels…and JULIETT! Just CLICK HERE for tickets and event information.

Juliett, thank you for being exactly who you are and for loving this city and it’s music/art scene! It was so much fun shooting with you and I can’t wait to do it again!

Cheers and be good to one another!




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