Kiddin Around with Milo

Leah Roth Photography

It’s not everyday that I get to work with kids. So I was very excited when I got the call from Milo’s mom Kimberly, asking me if I would be interested in taking his updated head shots.

Milo was signed with CLICK models in Miami when he was just a little baby. Since moving to Atlanta, his parent decided that they would wait until Milo wanted to get back into acting before they made any sudden moves reaching out to agencies. At just 9 years old, Milo asked him mom one day if it would be okay if he got back into acting and commercial print. She of course said yes, and that’t the part where I come in. : )

I have worked with handfuls of kids over the years and I have always enjoyed it.  I think it takes a special type of kid to want to be in this business. It’s tough and you have to have thick skin.  Milo walked into the studio and owned it! He talked to us about his dirt bike, school, his favorite things to do, and more. His mother was also amazing! She explained to me that she doesn’t want Milo to feel forced into anything and that him getting back into acting was his idea.

Beth Corlbey was on set for hair and makeup and she nailed it. I like to tell clients, especially those of young kids, that hair and makeup is a must! Milo has great skin as most kids do, but what Beth can do is just even out any imperfections and take away shine.  The studio lights and camera pick up everything, so it’s important that we keep it very neutral and even.

Milo came prepared with a very nice royal blue shirt, black button down, and gray sweater. I wanted to make sure that we shot all 3 shirts for a nice variety. We also did the gray sweater outside for a natural light look.

I’ve also learned over the years working with agencies and actors that you need to do a smiling head shot and a theatrical head shot. Milo was all for it. : )

I had the best time on set with Milo and the best part is…we got him an interview with a talent agency in town!!! Fingers crossed they sign him so we can all see more of him! Good luck Milo! We are all cheering you on!

Take time today and everyday to love yourself and be great to others! Thanks for stopping by!



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