Miss Allison – Cheerleader Audition Headshots

Atlanta Head Shot Photographer

I absolutely love working with fun, driven, and motivated clients. I am drawn to this type of person and they are my favorite people to work with. Allison was no exception! I got an email from her telling me that she was new to Atlanta and she needed an headshot photographer for her Atlanta Falcons Cheerleader tryout. Immediately, I knew that this would be a girl I would like and we would have so much fun on set. We brought her into studio and put her in hair and makeup and picked out some tops for her session. She showed me other photos that she was drawn to and we looked at other cheerleaders head shots to get a feel of what we needed to execute.

I always love having my clients send me reference photos of what they’re drawn to. The hair, the makeup, the lighting, etc. We are not going to copy that, but it gives me a visual reference of what the client likes and how we can make that happen during our session together.

Allison was amazing in front of the camera. We were able to get some studio shots as well as outside shots. For this featured image, we sat her in a grassy area outside of my MUA house. I had Beth, my makeup artist, hold a white semi-transparent reflector over her to eliminate the harsh sun hitting the back of her head and shoulder. This made for a nice soft light on the face and the pop of green in the background really brings a bit of life to the photo. Overall, I was extremely pleased with Allison and her session. I had a great time and we continue to keep in touch. I love doing head shots for all my clients different needs.

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