New Year, New Goals, New Inspirations! Hello 2016!

While 2015 was a HUGE year for me personally and professionally, and I feel super excited about what 2016 has to offer. I spent most of the last part of 2015 really coming into terms as to where I would like to see my photography go and where my business and creativity could end up. It’s a forever constant battle between passion and paying the bills, but I feel like if you put good out into the universe and if you keep dreaming and believing…great things will happen. It’s just up to us to make those opportunities arise.

I wanted to kick of 2016 with a blog post sharing some of the photographers that I have spent many hours and days drooling over their work. I constantly visit their blogs, Facebook pages, Instagrams, and I have bought numerous workshops that they’ve taught trying to figure out how they create these amazing images.  I want to continue to grow and learn and push myself to be a better photographer and business women and I feel like these ladies are great examples to learn from.

First I will start with Christina Greve out of Denmark.  I have been a fan of her work for years now and what really drew me into her images was her use of natural light. This woman can find the right lighting and bend it and reshape it to make these incredible images. Her main focus when I first came across her work was to make all women of all shapes. colors, and sizes feel beautiful. That is a huge thing for me and for any client. Her work is now heading into a direction of colors, lifestyle, inspirational teaching, and much more. I will forever be a fan.

Sue Bryce was introduced to me through a workshop I bought. She was teaching on the use of textures and compositing in portrait work. I did some research on her and I was blown away that I had never known of her before now.  She is also an advocate for making women feel beautiful. The thing I love about Sue’s work is that it’s so powerful, yet so soft and feminine. Her use of textures with natural light and studio lighting is amazing.

Lara Jade was also an instructor with Sue on the textures class. Her story is incredible because she started photography so young and is slaying it and is only in her mid twenties! It’s super impressive and her work ethic when you watch her on set is something to strive for. I love that in the beginning of her career she would do mostly self portraits so she could shoot and do whatever she wanted on her own schedule. It’s something I am going to try for this year. Her use of poses and clothing and color is beautiful to the eyes. I can’t wait to watch more of her tutorials and keep learning from her to get stunning and fun portraits.

Brooke Shaden is one of my newest obsessions.  I have been a fan of fine art photography for a long time but most recently I have wanted to actually take it on myself and learn how to accomplish that look. I came across Brooke’s work on a Google search and I immediately fell in love. She is another photographer that does mostly self portrait work and then creates these magical lands that she can exist in. It’s going to take a lot of practice and many years for me to be at her level but she is inspiring me to try.

Last but not least is the talented Lindsay Adler. I once again have been a fan of hers for years now.  I just stumbled across a work shop of hers on Creative Live on how to use blending modes in Photoshop and I’ve been hooked! She is the REAL DEAL. I am constantly looking at her work and her behind the scenes videos thinking ‘how can I get that look and get at her level?’ Her high fashion and beauty work is what I hope my work can look like one day.

I love that fact that I get to do what I do on daily basis but I want to be at the level of these women. I am dedicating my 2016 to more education on my craft and really pushing myself to create stunning, beautiful and creative images. I hope you can take this journey with me and I wish you the best and most inspiring year yet!

*All images above are from these talented women.

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