Nia-Acting head shots (studio and natural light)

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I love when I get to work with first time talent on camera. Nia emailed me and was looking to get started in her acting career and found me looking for Atlanta headshot photographers for Actors. We emailed back and forth about what to wear, hair and makeup, what to expect on set, etc. She came into the studio and was extremely prepared.

Since Nia is a first time head shot client and wants to go into acting, I decided that it would be best for her to submit both a studio and natural light shot to agencies. Most of the time agencies like to have a smiling photo as well as a ‘theatrical’ face, so they can send it off for multiple roles. Also, as seen above, natural light and studio light are completely different looks. I wanted Nia to have the opportunity to showcase both.

A lot of the time when a client emails or calls me and wants to talk about what they are looking for in a head shot, I like to explain that with me we have plenty of options. Every client is different. Every client is in need of update head shots for different reasons. Some clients only want studio work. Some clients wouldn’t benefit from a studio environment and prefer to have natural light and a bit of texture and life behind them. Honestly, I love shooting both! In most cases, when shooting in studio, most of the time we happen to ‘get the shot’ quickly so I will offer them to go outside with me and shoot natural light too.  They LOVE it! It gives them the freedom to pick and choose what head shot to use where.  There is no right or wrong way. It is what feels the best to you as a client and what is going to benefit you the most when using your head shot.

Whether it’s location or a studio session, we can make your vision come to life. Head shots are a direct reflection of you as an actor, model, professional, etc and if we can give you all the options you need to succeed, then it’s a win!

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