Raoul-Author lifestyle head shot

Leah Roth Photography

I loved every minute on set with the smart, handsome, stylish writer Mr. Raoul Jones. He came to me in need of some new headshots/portraits for his blog and book. We did some studio stuff and some natural lighting shots and I loved how everyone of them turned out!

He came super prepared with the more stylish and gorgeous outfits! We were going to stop at 2 looks but I just loved this camo/white outfit with his handmade bracelets.  I showed him how with some of my clients I put them in a doorway and get the natural light to hit right off their face and what a different look and feel it can be in comparison to studio.  He loved it and was totally down for it.

I am so happy with how these turned out and I know he got a nice variety of studio and natural lighting looks to start his journey in authorhood. I am so excited to work with him again (another shoot is in the works) and I can’t wait to keep building his portfolio with him. Big thanks to Beth Corbley for makeup duties on this shoot. Guys, it’s okay to get makeup done for your session! You won’t even notice you have it on and it smooths out the skin and all its different tones.

Be good to one another and smile at a stranger today!


Leah : )

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