Sarah Wildman-Comp Card Session


Leah Roth Photography

I first met the incredibly beautiful Sarah Wildman when working with Zoetic Dance Ensemble.  She was such a natural and the camera LOVED her. I was so excited when she reached out for something other than dance photos. She was wanting to put together a comp card to put out to local agencies for commercial modeling and acting.  Of course I jumped at the chance. I was so excited to get her in front of the camera in something different than dance. I knew she would be amazing!

We decided to do both studio and location work. We met at the studio first and let me tell you, the girl came prepared with clothes!!! We laid everything out and tried to storyboard our way through the looks and how we wanted to represent each outfit. Her best friend and fellow Zoetic dancer, Mallory Baxley, was there to do her hair and makeup, so it was really nice to have another creative on set to help us narrow stuff down and bounce ideas off of.

I wanted to really make sure that we got Sarah plenty of different lighting looks, outfits, and makeup changes. Sometimes when submitting a comp card to agencies a really nice subtle variety is key. If we can get Sarah a foot in the door and a meeting with any agency in Atlanta I know she will win them over. Not only is she stunning but she is witty and super smart. She’s the total package when it comes to talent.

It’s hard to say which one of these looks is my favorite. I love the studio work we did. From the simple hair and makeup of her head shots, to the bold teal and black number on the white wall. She slayed it.

We then moved onto location work. Sarah and her boyfriend Wes live on the Beltline so it was a given that we would have some amazing spots to shoot at. With an outfit change and hair and makeup touch ups we were off! We found some great brick, graffiti and greenery to mix things up a bit. Sarah worked the camera like she’s been doing this for years! As a photographer it makes your life so much easier when your client and talent are willing to try things. Most posing is going to feel awkward and to the naked eye, look awkward. That means it’s working! Most uncomfortable poses are the ones that photograph the best. With Sarah having a dance background, this was no problem.

I am so thrilled that I got to work with Sarah on this session and I am itching to work with her again to keep building her portfolio. She is such a lovely human and she inspires so many people daily with her dance and charm. I hope this works out for her more than anybody! I am going to help her every step of the way. Sarah, thank you for being such a joy on set and I can’t wait to do it again! Watch out Atlanta agencies…we are coming for you!!!

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