Sisterly love-In studio session

It’s not everyday that you get to meet, let alone photograph, two beautiful and inspiring 70 year old TWINS! I got an email from Rebecca and Robbye Jarrell needing some photos of them together for their new business.

That’s right..I said new business! These two women are tapping into the market of senior citizen living and helping place senior citizens of all ages into the best communities fit for their lifestyle. It’s a market that hasn’t been tapped into yet and they are on top of it.

When these Southern belles came into the studio I knew I was in for a treat. Not only are they stunningly gorgeous, but they are so full of life and love for one another it’s inspiring!

They told me all about their business model and what inspired them to do it and how the photos were the last thing they needed to launch their new business. I felt so honored that they chose me to take their photos! We locked in the lighting and took some test shots, got them all touched up with powder and lipstick and then the magic began!

They were so much fun to work with and they grew up a block away from where I live now. We talked about East Atlanta Village and how much it’s changed and how I got married in the local park. They were the most beautiful women inside and out and I can’t wait to work with them again!

This was one of my favorite shots from our session together. Those smiles truly capture the type of humans they are!

Thank you ladies for such a great time!

Let’s all be good to one another!


Leah : )


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