Studio Session with Allison Ganley

I photographed Allison about a year ago and I had the best time working with her, so I was super excited when she contacted me again and told me she wanted to do some studio work.  We did location work with her the first time we shot together so I was excited about getting her into studio. She had some great ideas and she was wanting to potentially use these to show some talent/casting agencies around town. I immediately jumped at the chance.

Beth Corbley, once again, worked her magic on hair and makeup and we headed out to the studio. Allison had all of her outfits already pre-planned (LOVE when clients do that!!) and we just started playing around.  Allison is by far one of the most photogenic people I know! The camera LOVES her! We played around with lighting and different poses, props, with shoes, without shoes, etc. It was such a laid back and collaborative set and it really made all of us relax and enjoy what we were doing.

I can’t wait to get these in front of some agencies around town and let them know what a JOY Allison is to work with! She will light up any set with that beautiful smile. Allison, I am forever a fan of yours and I can’t wait to make some more magic with you! Thank you so much for being the lovely human you are.


Leah : )

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