The ladies of Atlanta Dance and Music Academy

Dancers are one of my favorite subjects to photograph.

I was in dance classes as a small child and I remember LOVING them! Plus…I kinda had some rhythm! When I was a junior in high school we had to pick a career that we wanted to shadow for a day and I chose to follow a local dance company and their choreographer. I remember watching them practice and push their bodies to their limits and I was just in awe.

Although I never took my dancing down a professional level, I have always had that utmost respect and love for this craft. I have also been fortunate to blend my love for dance with my photography and find the most beautiful dancers to photograph.

I had the privilege to go into The Atlanta Dance and Music Academy and photograph 3 of their advanced students. The school is run by director Pamela Dionne and she was so great on set helping direct her dancers.  The girls each had a couple of outfits and free range to jump, leap, or go on pointe during this session. This was all about the creative process and capturing just how stunning these artists are. To think, that their careers are just getting started! AMAZING!

I am still learning a ton on this dance photography journey but I feel so fortunate to have such lovely people in this community helping me every step of the way.  I can’t thank Pamela and her girls for this amazing opportunity to create and collaborate. These are just some of our favorites from the session.

If you or someone you know is interested in dance classes please contact ADMA. They have classes for all ages (adults too) and all levels. If you are looking for some dance photos for your portfolio, auditions or just so you can look back one day and be like, ‘Look what I used to do!’ Contact me today and let’s create!

Much love!



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