What to wear.

Do not be afraid of color! Any color can work if you feel your best and like wearing it.

Does it compliment your skin tone, eye color, hair color, etc? Do you feel amazing in it? Does it go with the brand or aesthetic of your business? If so…wear it!

What colors do you most enjoy wearing?

I highly recommend you bring different variations of your favorite colors to your shoot so you have options and we can pick which versions might work best. For instance, if you love blue, bring a light blue, dark blue, and really dark, navy blue. Then, based on where you're shooting, the backgrounds and lighting, we can pick which will work best.

Why should you wear colors you love?

Because you'll be most comfortable in those colors and this translates to engaging more with the camera, which leads to a more successful shoot and a headshot/portrait you will be proud of!

It’s really important that you don't wear strong patterns on-camera. Remember, just wearing the right colors doesn't help if what you're wearing is distracting because it's got patterns on it.

So what patterns to avoid?

Keep away from plaid, big checks, and any really tiny patterns such as tiny stripes or checks.Bigger patterns can draw too much attention to themselves if the colors are high-contrast, meaning they are opposite one another on a color wheel. Very tiny patterns can be distracting because they cause a phenomenon called moire where it looks like there is a weird pattern showing up that's invisible to the naked eye because of the way the pixels on-camera work.

So if you can't wear big patterns or tiny patterns, what kind of a pattern can you wear?

If you're not sure, just avoid wearing a pattern unless it's very subtle with a slight difference between the colors and it's a medium size (not tiny and not really big). And if that sounds confusing, keep it simple and just use solid colors. You can always consult a stylist as well and ask their professional advice on how to style your pattern for photos.

Try to stay away from logo or photos on your clothes. Unless it is your business or what you are wanting to advertise/promote, it can become extremely distracting.

We want to showcase you and the powerhouse you are!

Please feel free to reach out to me with any other questions.