Zoetic Dance Ensemble

Leah Roth Photography

Anytime I get a call, text or email from the ladies of Zoetic Dance Ensemble, I know it’s going to be fun. This was no exception!

I absolutely adore and admire each and every one of these ladies. They are strong, smart, motivated, beautiful (inside and out), and they are walking examples of what a good human and woman should be. It is always such an honor knowing them and working with them.

This shoot was done in Mallory’s basement and when I arrived on set everything was already set up and music was blaring. Mallory and the other dancers were finishing up in hair and makeup and they were showing me vision boards of the type of look and feel they wanted. Basically…this was just going to be a fun girls day and I was there to capture it!

We had so much fun on set, laughing, dancing, empowering one another, and getting some fun images! It was so hard to choose from all the images…so I just picked some of my favies!

Stay tuned for more Zoetic stuff this year…we have some tricks up our sleeves!

Much love!

Leah : )

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