Zoetic Dance Ensemble-Atlanta Dance Photographer

I have been working with the lovely ladies of Zoetic Dance since 2007 and it has been one of the most creative, inspiring, and motivating things I have done in my professional career as a photographer.

They are getting ready to kick off their 2016 season and invited me to photograph them once again. This shoot was very different from others I have done with the ladies, in the sense of more posed work. We met the The Blind Pig Parlour in East Andrews and when I walked into the space, I knew magic was about to happen.

The ladies came camera ready (hair and makeup done) and we stared to get them into wardrobe. Mallory and I took a couple laps around and started mapping out where the shots would take place. There wasn’t a bad spot! We could have shot in the bathrooms if we wanted to! This place was that slick and cool. I am extremely happy with how all the image turned out and there are so many to choose from. I picked my favorite 5 as a series to feature on this post.

I am so honored, after all these years, to still be working with these ladies and making incredible art together.

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