Sionic Mobile staff head shots

I absolutely love working with companies and their staff when it comes to corporate headshots. I have a traveling studio and backdrop that I offer to my clients so they can stay in the comfort of their own office space and stay efficient during the work day.

Sionic Mobile was no different. They contacted me to do updated staff head shots for their team of 5, with the addition of a new guy that just got hired that week.  Of course I jumped at the chance. They sent me photos of their office space and I immediately fell in love with the exposed brick in their conference room. All parties agreed this would make for a nice back drop for all head shots. The staff was amazing to work with and helped me with my gear up and down the stairs and we worked together to make sure the each staff member was 100% satisfied with their updated photo.

Getting your photo taken is nerve racking enough and to have it done on a work day when your phone and email is going crazy is even tougher.  I made them a promise that we would be as efficient as possible and make sure all staff members were happy. I can’t wait to work with them again as they grow their company and staff. It was a great session!

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